November 28, 2017

New Features of the Electrical Forklifts for Sale

Amazing Features of the FB Series of Electrical Forklifts for Sale

 The UniCarriers FB Series of electrical forklifts for sale is characterised by exceptional environmental friendliness and superb energy economy. These units are well suited to the modern warehouse operations environment. With the designs also featuring optimal driver comfort and safety, buying one of the FB electrical forklifts that are for sale through Bidvest Forklifts, improves the occupational health and safety profile of your warehouse operations.


 With features such as the advanced AC motor, regeneration capacity for energy savings, three power output modes for best control over energy usage, and the auto power-off, the electrical forklifts for sale in the FB Series deserve the reputation of being energy efficient. The units also boast longer battery operating times per charge and come with hydraulic Orbitrol steering. In addition, the units feature LCD panels with easy readings on the power consumption rates and the battery time left.

Driver Comfort and Safety

 Though the FB Series of electrical forklifts we offer for sale feature compact designs, the space and comfort of the operator is never compromised. Each unit has a safety seat, tilting steering column, good foot space, integrated turn signal, and a switch lever for lights. Any incident or injury at the workplace means work hours lost. In addition, it comes with compensation for injuries and completion of incident reports. It is in the company’s best interest to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries. When you buy one of the FB Series electrical forklifts we offer for sale, you take a proactive step in creating a safer work environment. This, in turn, helps to reduce costs and losses associated with safety incidents at work. Important safety features are speed limiters, steering-angle travel speed limiters, wide-view masts, and an anti-rollback function. Units also have password entry access to eliminate the risk of unauthorised usage.

How Regeneration Helps to Save Energy

 The braking energy is effectively recovered by means of regeneration that includes braking, accelerator-off, and switchback. This helps to reduce the switchback time, which also helps to reduce operator fatigue. With lower levels of fatigue, the operator is more alert and able to assess situations better. This improves the overall safety of your operations.

How Power Output Modes Help to Save Energy

 The three output modes on the FB Series of forklifts we offer for sale are Super, Power, and Economy respectively, to match your drive and load-handling requirements. The Super mode is for a travel speed of 16 km/h with battery operation time of eight hours on a single charge. The Power mode is for travelling at 15 km/h with battery operation time at 8,5 hours on a single charge, and, in Economy mode, travel speed is 14 km/h with battery operation time at 9 hours on a single charge. As such, it is possible to have extended battery time and thus longer operation time. This, in turn, translates into higher productivity.

The Role of the Auto-Off to Save Energy

 The power supply is switched off the moment the operator leaves his seat, or if the electrical forklift does not operate for a certain period. With this feature, unnecessary battery usage is eliminated. At the same time, accidents related to machine operation without a driver is also eliminated.

How the Easy On-Off Helps with Safety

 With a lower floor height, together with lower step heights, it is easier for the operator to get on and off the forklift. Reduced operator movement helps to reduce the risk of premature fatigue. The wider steps help to prevent accidents related to slipping while getting on or off the vehicle.

Role of the Speed-Sensitive Steering in Safety

 The power steering system is speed sensitive. This means that it provides steering assistance according to the speed of the unit. If the unit moves slowly, it provides more assistance and, if it moves fast, less assistance is provided. With the speed-sensitive steering, better driving stability is possible, which adds to the safety profile of the forklift.

How the Wide-View Mast Assists Operation

 Safer operation is possible because the operator has a full view of the fork tips, regardless of their position. The dashboard is also set lower to give the operator more visibility.

If you are looking for the most energy-efficient, reliable, and safe electrical forklifts for sale, consider the remarkable FB Series as available from us.


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