May 24, 2019

Our Range of Products and Forklift Services

Our Range of Products and Forklift Services

When it comes to forklift services, you want to ensure that your service provider of choice can work on the particular make and model that you run in your fleet. We offer forklift maintenance and repair services on all major makes and models. In addition, we provide spare parts for an extensive range of forklifts.

Our forklift services furthermore include short and long-term rentals. If you need the equipment for short periods, it is best to rent it rather than buying brand-new equipment. However, you may need a replacement machine for a longer period and, as such, will appreciate the affordability of our medium-term rentals. In fact, you may want a new forklift, but do not want to pay a lot of money upfront to purchase one. In this regard, you will benefit from our long-term lease options, enabling you to buy the unit at the end of the lease period.

Regardless of whether you need forklift equipment once-off or for medium- or long-term use, we have the package to meet your requirements. In addition, we offer maintenance agreements, ensuring you do not miss essential services to maintain your machines. We also offer used forklifts for sale in South Africa. These units are completely refurbished and serviced. Buying a used forklift is recommended if you want to save on the large capital outlay associated with buying one of the latest, brand-new models.

However, should you be interested in one of the new models instead, we recommend speaking to our consultants who can help you determine which units are suitable for your particular application requirements. There is no use in buying machines too large for your operational needs. The opposite is also true; buying a forklift that cannot handle the workload is a waste of money as well.

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