September 17, 2019

Powerful and Very Energy-Efficient Forklifts for Sale

Did You Know That We Offer Powerful and Very Energy-Efficient Forklifts for Sale?

At Bidvest Materials Handling, our team appreciates the importance of owning reliable, high-performance equipment that is energy-efficient and low on maintenance. The range of forklifts we offer for sale satisfies a variety of clients’ needs and exceeds every requirement. We provide a brief introduction to two of the ranges of electric forklifts we have for sale, giving you an idea of what you can expect in terms of performance, safety, comfort, and efficiency.

3-Wheeled Excellence – The 1,25-2-Ton TX Series of Electric Forklifts for Sale from Us

You do not have to miss out on performance and manoeuvrability just because you need a smaller lift truck. The TX Series is revolutionary when it comes to the superb performance it offers, as well as its excellent load-carrying capacity and optimal driver comfort. Add to this the easy-to-use fingertip control levers that provide for exceptional operability and you can appreciate how these units are ideally suited to your warehouse. The operator can select the work mode for optimal performance according to their operational environment. An optional load meter improves safety during operation with an on-screen indication of the load weight. Each unit can be controlled via a fingertip control lever, enabling the driver to sound the horn, operate lift functions, and steer the forklift in a different direction with minimal hand movement. Superb control over its various functions and easy steering make for a safer and more comfortable operating experience.

The machine is fitted with an on-board diagnostics system that enables self-checking and troubleshooting. This helps to reduce maintenance time. Each of the units in the TX Series has an energy monitor to help the driver determine how many hours of operating time are left at the current performance level. In addition, the system collects energy when the vehicle brakes to use for routine operations, thereby extending operating time. When the unit is not in use, the power is automatically cut to prevent wasting power. With robust construction and compact designs, these units are perfectly suited to warehouses with narrow aisles.

Robust and Powerful BX Series 1,5-3-Ton Electric Forklifts for Sale

Characteristics that come to mind when thinking of the BX Series of forklifts for sale include the machines’ eco-friendly design, economic operation, durability, remarkable performance, and high productivity. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that these units have not just three, but four operating modes. The three standard operating modes include Economy, Power, and High-power; the fourth mode is Manual. The operator does not have to think about which mode is most efficient for the speed of travel and operation with the standard preset modes. However, when doing a specific job, the driver can use Manual mode for precision management of the lift and travel speed. Economy mode provides for longer operating hours, while the standard Power mode is for normal use. The High-power mode is the hard-working option to power up performance to the maximum.

Fuzzy-logic acceleration adds to the precise control of the unit. A microprocessor detects the acceleration required for long stretches and reduces it when approaching load areas. With superb pedal control, the driver can safely manoeuvre the vehicle in confined areas, narrow aisles, or in places of limited movement. The unit also has an improved restart function for starting off on an incline. This helps to prevent roll-back accidents in the workplace. Wide and unobstructed foot space, comfortable seating, and an exceptionally wide mast view are among the other key features of the BX Series of forklifts that we offer for sale.

Discover how performance and energy-efficiency can help to improve your warehouse operations. Gear up your operations with the range of high-performance forklifts we have for sale. Call us to get started.


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