UniCarriers BX2 Forklift Electric Models (1.0 – 3.5 Ton)

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UniCarriers BX2 Forklift
Electric Models (1.0 – 3.5 Ton)

The UniCarriers BX2 Series comes with a cool, exciting body design, and is equipped with the full complement of functions and the ease of operation that users are looking for. The exterior design of the BX2 Series adds functional beauty which supports daily load handling operations at worksites.

The BX2 Series is packed with ergonomic improvements, including:

  • – Wider forward and rear visibilities
  • – Assist grips and safety steps for safer entry and exit of the truck
  • – Operator compartment for efficient and comfortable operation, with sufficient overhead clearance
  • – Lowered center of gravity for greater stability during turning
  • – Counterweight reconfigured to follow a subtle curve that does not interfere with the operator’s rear visibility and reduces the risk for bumping into obstacles in the aisle.

In addition, the BX2 Series provides outstanding basic truck performance, allowing easier load handling operations.

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