UniCarriers MSW/MSF Pedestrian Stacker

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UniCarriers MSW/MSF Pedestrian Stacker (with/without folding platform)

The MSW/MSF are robust, powerful, handy pedestrian stackers for flexible use in tight spaces, suitable for handling single or double “open” load carriers and are available in 16 variations to suit your every need. Ideal for use in tight spaces, this pedestrian stacker truck is designed for stacking upto 5,400mm, occasional order picking and short distance internal transports but can be used for medium distance internal transports with the addition of the folding platform.

The low chassis and the offset tiller arm improve visibility and safety on the MSW – the operator has a clear view of the load and can walk beside the truck. The tiller arm is positioned centrally when the folding platform is added to suit the drivers ride position. The ergonomic tiller head which are the same across to models are designed for ambidextrous use and features easily accessible controls to facilitate handling. Are you looking to carry multiple pallets? Then why not opt for the initial lift option to allow double pallet handling. Are you looking to handle “closed” pallets? We offer a wide straddle version of the MSW/MSF to suit your needs.

Masts for maximum control and visibility
UniCarriers’s offer five mast types – the (S) Simplex mast, the (DS) Duplex mast without freelift, the (DEV) Duplex mast with freelift, the (TR) Triplex mast without freelift and the (TREV) Triplex mast with freelift. All masts are designed for maximum vision and ensure full visibility over the fork and load. The precise proportional lifting and lowering functions give the operator full control over the load and fork movements.

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