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Quality Approved Used Forklifts for Sale

Used Forklifts for Sale – Can They Be Trusted?

The lift truck, as the forklift is often known as, must be one the most useful and widely used vehicles ever to have been invented. These rugged, hard-working machines combine the ability of a goods carrier with that of a small crane and numerous versions of them are to be found in warehouses, storage yards, railway sidings, building sites, and harbours all across the globe. Used mainly to transport heavy items and store them at heights of up to 16 m, though invaluable, they are also a major investment. While one can normally find used forklifts for sale, many prospective buyers have reservations regarding the reliability of second-hand machines and are, therefore, reluctant to buy them.

Their concerns are not without justification. Sadly, there are too many unscrupulous dealers willing to pass off vehicles that are near the end of their lifespan as being as good as new. While a car has an odometer to keep a record of the kilometres travelled, lift trucks do not and, even if they did, odometers can be tampered with. Also, unlike new machines, the used forklifts for sale will no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You might ask the seller questions such as: “How many hours has this machine been in use”? Or “When did it last undergo a major service”? But you will need more than words to reassure you.

There is just one way to resolve your doubts and that is to deal only with a recognised expert in the field of materials handling. When it is time to service your car, the wise owner will be sure to leave it in the hands of an approved, franchised agent for the brand. Similarly, when looking for quality used forklifts for sale, the well-informed buyer will choose only to consult with Bidvest Materials Handling. This is a choice that is guaranteed to overcome any doubts you may have been harbouring about the reliability of a pre-owned lift truck.

Building on the experience of TCM and Nissan Forklifts, the companies combined to form UniCarriers, during the 10 years since its materials-handling division was established, it has gained the status of a leader in the industry. This has been achieved through strict adherence to certain key principles, one of which is integrity. That means that every used forklift for sale from the Bidvest Materials Handling division can be guaranteed to meet customer expectations.

First, we are highly selective regarding the pre-owned trucks we sell and only handle those brands whose durable structure and reliable performance have established them as the best of their breed. That is only the start, however. Before these high-quality used forklifts will be offered for sale, they will first be subjected to a full, professional refurbishment. This means that every pre-owned lift truck purchased from the Bidvest Materials Handling division will have had its prescribed major service and will be capable of many hours of duty before any further routine preventative maintenance will be necessary.

Just as with our new trucks, we offer the buyers of our pre-owned machines a service-level agreement (SLA) and we also undertake to maintain a stock of the common spare parts for the models of all the major brands. Quite clearly, purchasing one of the used forklifts offered for sale by us is a means to economise and this is probably a welcome option, given the current economic climate. To further assist those who might want to limit their capital spending, these pre-owned vehicles may be purchased for cash or financed. Sometimes, however, the need is a temporary one. In such cases, we also offer a hire service. Contact us for all your forklift services.


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