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Questions to Answer Before You Hire A Forklift Cape Town

Questions to Answer Before You Hire A Forklift Cape Town

To ensure you benefit from making use of our services, we share a few tips on selecting the right equipment for the job before you hire a forklift for your project in or near Cape Town. Answer these questions to determine your needs and to ensure you get value for money:

  • Why do you have to hire a forklift in Cape Town?
  • Do you need it for indoor or outdoor use?
  • What is the maximum load that it must be able to carry?
  • What is the size of the average load?
  • What is the maximum width of your load?
  • What is the maximum lift height required?
  • Is the surface on which you will use it smooth or uneven?
  • What type of product must be lifted?
  • What is the average distance it will travel with a load?
  • Are there height restrictions, such as ceilings or overhanging shelves?
  • How many hours must it be able to operate per shift?
  • What is the period for which you require the equipment?
  • What is the turning-circle requirement?

It is of no use to hire a forklift in Cape Town for a short-term project if you are 200 km from the city, unless you plan to use it for two or more weeks. As such, consider your distance from Cape Town and the period for which you need it.

Once you have determined this, consider the features required. For outdoor use, you need a forklift with pneumatic or solid tyres that can handle uneven terrain. For indoor use, you need one with cushion tyres to ensure it can turn in tight spaces. Keep in mind that cushion tyres provide a smooth ride, but forklifts so equipped have a lower ground clearance, making them unsuitable for outdoor applications.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our consultants will provide you with a quote and assistance to ensure you hire a forklift in Cape Town that meets your budget, project type, and other requirements.


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