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What to Consider When Buying Used Forklifts in South Africa

When you shop for used forklifts, you must take several factors into consideration. For one, should you buy a dual-fuel-powered truck, or an LPG, petrol, or diesel forklift? Should you buy from someone who sells their second-hand forklift, or should you buy only a refurbished forklift from a trusted supplier of superior quality warehouse and forklift equipment? Do you need non-marking tyres for a commercial setting, or do you need an all-terrain forklift for a construction, roadworks, dam-building, or mine site?

Once you have considered what fuel type and lifting capacity are required, you can start the search for a suitable forklift. A word of caution though – simply buying from a private seller holds several risks, like not knowing whether the equipment has been maintained properly. It might also have been overworked, or problems may lurk underneath the hood. When you buy used forklifts, such as the Nissan forklifts available from Bidvest Forklifts, you have the assurance of after-sales support, warranties, service centres, and the fact that the forklifts have been completely refurbished. This means, when buying one or more refurbished forklifts from us, you will have side-stepped all the typical pitfalls associated with private sellers. But, let us take a look at some important considerations for selecting the right used forklift for your particular work environment and applications.

How often will the forklift operate?

If the forklift will be used daily for hours on end, it makes sense to buy a brand-new forklift with a service and maintenance contract. However, a refurbished truck is almost as good as new. If you are considering a battery-powered forklift, you should consider the battery operation time on economy and performance settings, how easy it is to change the battery without having to suspend operations for a long time, and how long it takes to charge the battery. If it is a diesel forklift, enquire about its fuel efficiency, since every hour of operation means fuel costs.

Can you inspect the forklift at the seller?

You want a technician to inspect the forklift before you buy, if you purchase at an auction or from a private seller. Fortunately, if you buy a refurbished forklift from us, you already know that it is fully operational and serviced.

What is the tyre condition?

Keep in mind that forklifts are vehicles and, regardless of the tyre type, they must be replaced at set usage intervals. Make sure the tyres are still in good condition, or you will have to spend additional money to replace them.

Have you considered its suitability for the specific application?

Though, at first glance, all battery-powered forklifts look the same (this also applies to diesel-powered lift trucks), the truth is you have to consider the applications before shopping for refurbished or second-hand forklifts. If the warehouse aisles are narrow, you will need a truck with a sharp turning circle, and that can operate in the limited space. If the forklift is to be used outdoors, you should consider the maximum travel speed as well. Also keep your load weight in mind. What is the maximum load that the truck must carry? Will this be a regular occurrence, or only occasional? The forklift you buy must be able to travel at the speeds required, turn in the space available, lift the specific types of load, and be able to handle the maximum load requirement efficiently without compromising on safety and the longevity of the machine.

How is the driver comfort?

If the operator is expected to spend hours on end behind the wheel then you want a forklift that offers optimal driver comfort to minimise the risk of premature fatigue. It is essential to have enough foot and leg space, a comfortable seat, and maximum operator safety. The health and wellbeing of your employees are your responsibility. As such, do not settle for machinery that does not offer the operator safety and comfort features.

Where should you buy?

You can buy forklifts from private sellers or at auctions, but considering the risks discussed earlier, it is certainly better to buy quality refurbished forklifts that suit your particular requirements from a reputable supplier, such as Bidvest Forklifts. View the current available options for new and refurbished forklifts and make use of our expertise in selecting a forklift that suits your application requirements.


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