Reliable Forklift Hire Services in Durban

March 24, 2020

Reliable Forklift Hire Services in Durban

Here Are Some Good Reasons to Use Our Forklift Hire Services in Durban

Forklift trucks are available in many different shapes and sizes but all can be invaluable to those whose business is warehousing or some other aspect of materials handling. Although these tough machines perform an important task, they also represent a substantial capital investment. While one obvious option might be to consider a second-hand purchase, there is also a viable second alternative. In practice, forklift hire services are available from some dealers in South Africa and here around Durban or in Kwa-Zulu Natal and, in certain circumstances, hiring a forklift could well prove to be a cost-effective solution that will avoid raiding the capital budget.

Take, for example, a typical distribution centre for consumer goods. At certain times of the year such as Christmas and Easter sales, the demand for goods will peak for perhaps a month to six weeks. Such short-term spikes in demand are hardly sufficient grounds to justify purchasing a new or even a used machine. However, they are pretty typical of the situations in which those forklift companies who offer hire services are positioned to help distributors cope with these busy periods.

While the examples given above refer to the typical short-term needs of a wholesale warehouse, there are also certain circumstances in which it could be an advantage to enter into a long-term leasing agreement. The nature of stored goods and their handling requirements are constantly evolving. Because of this, the manufacturers of lift trucks are compelled to keep abreast of changing needs with new designs that can handle the latest requirements. Fortunately, adapting to these changes does not have to involve a huge capital outlay. Instead, long-term forklift hire services offer a means for users to gain access to the latest handling technology while assigning the much-reduced monthly payments to their operational budgets.

Leasing contracts run for a fixed period with short-term hires ranging from weeks to a few months while, for example, a standard long-term contract can apply for three, four, five, or as many as six years. Once expired, it can then be replaced with a new contract and, with it, there will be a new replacement vehicle. Given the typical extended lifestyle of these robust, hardworking machines, where forklift hire services include a rent-to-own option, this could be the ideal way for a company to update its fleet while able to stagger the cost.

In practice, a long-term leasing contract amounts to a form of partnership between the lessee and the lessor in which the latter has a contractual obligation to provide the necessary support for the leased vehicle for the full duration of the hire. Furthermore, when you choose a reputable supplier to provide your forklift hire services, you can be certain you will receive the attention of a service engineer who has been specially trained to maintain and repair the particular brand and model of your hired machine.

When choosing your supplier with care, your peace of mind will be assured with the guarantee of an around-the-clock breakdown service. Choose one of the less well-known suppliers, however,, and although you might save a few rand, you could be forced to rely on the dubious skills of some third-party generalist mechanic or receive no support at all.

In addition to supplying both state-of-the-art new vehicles and previously owned machines, Bidvest Materials Handling also offers its clients the option of both short- and long-term forklift hire services. With the amalgamation of TCM and Nissan Forklift, Bidvest now offers its clients the iconic UniCarriers range of electric and diesel lift trucks that have been designed to cope with the most complex logistic challenges.

Combining its pledge to protect the environment with the drive to create safe, affordable, and efficient products based on cutting-edge engineering and technology, Bidvest has also ensured that its flexible forklift hire services offer clients every possible benefit. Bidvest Forklifts is one of the best forklift company in Durban.


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