December 12, 2018

Rent or Lease Forklifts in Pretoria?

Rent or Lease Forklifts in Pretoria?

Do you need to rent forklifts for projects in Pretoria? Are you experiencing seasonal peaks in which you require more forklifts on the floor or in the yard? If you have answered yes to any of the two questions, you stand to benefit from the forklift rental and lease services we offer in Pretoria.

When Renting Is Best

Though it is better to have your own fleet of forklifts if you use these machines on a regular basis, it is not cost-effective to buy such expensive equipment for occasional or short-term usage. In this instance, it certainly makes sense to opt for one of our short-term rental options in Pretoria.

When Leasing Is Best

Leasing is the long-term rental of forklifts. You have the option of buying the forklifts at the end of the lease period. It is a suitable option if you want to add to your fleet of forklifts, but do not want to make a large capital outlay in order to do so. It is no secret that cashflow problems are often the undoing of a business. If you want to ensure optimal cashflow, leasing is certainly a good place to start. What makes our long-term rental service so useful is the fact that we offer service-level agreements. The forklifts are maintained and, should a unit require attention, it is possible to arrange for a replacement while you wait for it to be repaired or serviced. Leasing has the benefit of being a monthly tax-deductible expense. In addition, you do not carry the risk of owning the units.

Purchase Options

Should you wish to buy forklifts from us in Pretoria, but want to pay less, consider our fully refurbished and serviced pre-owned forklifts. You pay less, but you still get strong and dependable workhorses.

Do not get stuck without the right equipment. Make use of our rental, lease, and purchase options for forklifts in Pretoria.


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