September 27, 2016

Second-hand Forklifts and Used Forklifts

Are Second-hand Forklifts a Good Investment? Yes, They Are!

If you are running an efficient business, it is important to always have the right equipment and machinery available to do the job right. Unfortunately, buying new equipment is often just not affordable to every business and thus the convenience and benefit of buying second-hand equipment becomes a viable option, or at least one to consider. At Bidvest Forklifts, we understand that you may hesitate when it comes to purchasing second hand-heavy-duty machinery. We keep this in mind when we thoroughly service and test each pre-owned unit on our floor before making it available for sale to you.

If your business requires a forklift, buying one is unavoidable. What you can avoid however, is paying an exorbitant price for a brand-new one. These particular items of equipment are used in a multitude of industries including manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centres, merchandising businesses and more, and how many hours the forklift works per day (and what type of lifting it is used for) will determine its lifespan. If you are running forklifts that have served out their lives or are simply not meeting with the demands of your business at the moment, it has probably become time to consider replacing them.

This does not mean that you have to take on the huge expense of buying a brand-new unit, although that may often be the first choice of many companies. It is always nice having the peace of mind that you have invested in something new, but there are several reasons to believe that a second-hand unit that has been well cared for, correctly used, maintained and serviced, will offer you a long working life too. While the higher price tag of a new forklift provides some element of security for buyers, at Bidvest Forklifts we can assist you with a much lower expense option without sacrificing quality or value for money.

If you are worried about purchasing a forklift that has worked too many hard hours, simply ask about the service history and check the hour meter. Just like cars have odometers, forklifts have hour meters and when a certain number of hours have accumulated, a service or general maintenance check is required. There should be a record of this maintenance history at various hour milestones and obviously, it is advised that you consider units with the lowest number of hours on the clock.

Of course, there are many reasons why a second-hand forklift is a great option for your business. Second-hand forklifts are able to retain their value quite effectively, because they have already depreciated and start off a lower base. Unfortunately, as soon as you take possession of a new forklift, it loses a big chunk of its monetary value the moment the ink on the invoice has dried. This is not the case with a used forklift for sale as you can resell the unit without losing too much on the amount that you initially invested.

If you need to buy more than one forklift, second-hand forklifts provide a great advantage as you can often buy more than one unit second-hand for a similar price as one brand-new unit. This sort of savings can certainly stand your business in good stead. You will also find that there is a wider range of options available in your price range and this means that you stand to get more value for your money. Why buy a brand-new forklift that is at the bottom of the range due to your budget constraints when you can buy a top-of-the-range second-hand forklift and benefit from greater functionality and handling capacity for less?

We often feature second-hand forklifts for sale on our website. We are also always available to chat about your needs and requirements so that we can source the right second-hand forklift for you, according to your particular requirements. We offer both engine-driven and electrical forklifts for sale and besides the second-hand units that we have to offer, we also sell brand-new forklifts and offer forklifts for hire too. At Bidvest Forklifts, we have options that suit your needs and requirements and we are always willing and available to assist you with choosing the right forklift for your needs.

For further information and advice on our used forklifts for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with test drives, demonstrations and full service histories of units that interest you.


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