Maintenance Contracts

Equipment downtime is your operation’s worst enemy

Royal treatment from Bidvest Materials Handling

Signing up your forklift on a full maintenance agreement is like receiving the royal treatment.

  • Maintenance records, tracking, and regular reports.
  • Pre-paid scheduled and breakdown repairs with the exception of repairs due to misuse, abuse, and wearable items.
  • Replacement of rental equipment for the covered repairs, without charge.
  • Flat monthly payment with the exception of repairs due to misuse, abuse, and wearable items.
  • Short downtimes thanks to fast response times for forklift repairs.
  • Service engineers are on site within a few hours for forklift repairs.
  • Efficient spare parts logistics with Bidvest Materials Handling original forklift parts.

With our comprehensive maintenance agreement, you can ensure your forklifts remain in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Trust Bidvest Materials Handling for all your forklift repair needs.

Why you should have a maintenance contract

Equipment downtime is your operation’s worst enemy. Taking a reactive approach to maintaining your forklifts can be accompanied by uncertainty and unexpected periods where forklifts are out of service, leading to the need for unexpected forklift repairs. This can interrupt workflows that need to run smoothly for your business to succeed. This is why many companies that use forklifts opt for a routine maintenance plan. We provide you with our maintenance service packages that are specially suited to your needs in order to prevent repairs and downtime of your forklift fleet. Frequent fleet servicing, maintenance, and other preventative measures like hydraulic oil and battery maintenance stop premature wear and reduce the possibility of failure and the need for extensive forklift repairs.

By proactively addressing potential issues, our maintenance service packages ensure that your forklifts are always ready for operation, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. Trust us to keep your fleet in top condition and avoid costly forklift repairs.

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Maintenance Contracts

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