Space Saving Solutions

Increase storage, improve productivity and enhance safety

Space saving solutions

Before you invest in upgrading the infrastructure of your warehouse find out how Bidvest Materials Handling could dramatically increase storage, improve productivity and enhance safety. With over 21 years’ experience in volume optimization our team of warehouse planning experts know how to make your space work harder for you.

Combilift’s innovative handling solutions can:

  • Increase indoor and outdoor storage capacity without the need for additional warehousing
  • Maximize safety when handling materials
  • Increase efficiency by enabling faster and more accurate handling
  • Minimize or eliminate product damage
  • Reduce fleet size through innovative, multi-purpose design
  • Provide considerable cost savings across the life of the truck
  • Optimize operator comfort with bespoke cab design
  • Effortlessly handle loads from 1 to 100 tons

Our warehouse design consultancy service is FREE and without obligation. When combined with our material handling products we can deliver possible space savings of up to 100%. So contact us today to arrange a virtual site survey!

Safer & more productive

In business, mistakes can be costly, which is why we place safety as top priority. With a low center of gravity and integrated platform, our trucks make it simple, swift and safe to transport long and heavy loads.

Multi-directional motion means easy navigation around obstacles, so there’s no need to travel with a load held aloft.  As for narrow aisles or doorways, no problem – and no damage to your buildings, your truck or your product either.

Space-saving technology

Our patented four-directional technology means that our forklifts are not restricted by the length of the load – so they can navigate narrow aisles and doorways with ease.

This exceptional maneuverability maximizes the amount of storage space in your warehouse.  Some of our customers have gained 100% extra storage just by switching to Combilift.

Customised forklifts

The only time we make two identical forklifts are when a customer loves their first one so much, they order another.

Combilift can tailor the specification of everything we manufacture according to the individual needs of our customer.  Our engineers take every variable into account – warehouse size, aisle width, load size and type, external terrain, climate and even the physical characteristics of your operator.

We’ve Got More

New Forklift Sales

Tailored turnkey solutions for your unique requirements. We take care of your equipment so you can focus on your business.

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Rent to Own Solutions

Owning a forklift has never been easier. We offer a flexible rent to own program which means you rent for five years and it’s yours.

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Long Term Rentals

You can stay flexible by renting the forklifts you need at any moment, diesel, gas or electric. We have the forklift rental solution for you.

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Short Term Rentals

Our short term forklift hire rates are reasonable. Remain flexible and rent exactly the forklift trucks you need at the time.

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Refurbished Forklift Sales

Our quality refurbished forklifts come standard with a 3 month warranty, and are thoroughly serviced by our experienced team of professionals.

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Maintenance Contracts

By choosing the UniCarriers service and maintenance package, you can significantly improve the truck uptime in your facility.

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Space Saving Solutions

Modern warehouses require effective storage solutions to optimise thier levels of efficiency. Let’s book a consultation to discuss your requirements.

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Forklift Service & Parts

Engineers selected and trained by UniCarriers use manufacturer-approved components and lubricants to keep your machines running at peak performance.

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