November 22, 2018

Shop For Warehouse Forklifts for Sale

What to Look for When You Shop for Warehouse Forklifts for Sale

The warehouse environment differs from the stock or shipment yard. It is a unique environment where it is essential that operations flow smoothly. In order to ensure that the produce closest to the expiry date is nearest to the front for immediate loading, you want to invest in order pickers and pallet stackers.

Narrow Spaces

The aisles are often rather narrow, as warehouse space is expensive and it makes sense to have as many shelves as possible within the available area. That, however, also means that the forklifts and the handling equipment to be used must be able to operate within the narrow spaces. You will thus want to browse for those warehouse forklifts offered for sale made to work in such narrow aisles and that can have tight turning radii.

Long Operating Hours

Time is of the essence and you must plan the schedule for best use of time and equipment. You should browse for those warehouse forklifts available for sale that can operate for at least eight hours at a time before a battery recharge must take place. A forklift must thus be able to operate through one shift. Energy efficiency, low maintenance, and high uptime go together. As such, you should look for those warehouse forklifts for sale that have on-board diagnostics systems, power meters, performance indicators, and various modes of operation.


In addition to the above, you should only opt for the warehouse forklifts for sale that are low on maintenance. This also means the equipment must be designed to facilitate easy access to the battery and various components of the machine. You want machines that are durable, easy to maintain, energy-efficient, and for which parts are readily available. The parts must be genuine parts and not exorbitantly expensive, as you calculate the cost to company over the entire lifecycle of the machine.

Safe Operation

Operator safety is another concern when you browse through all those warehouse forklifts offered for sale. Accidents in the warehouse can cause entire shelves to fall over. Apart from the financial losses associated with ruining the products and having the downtime, you also have to deal with the cost of injuries to workers. Also, even if the accident doesn’t have repercussions for workers in the warehouse, the safety and wellbeing of the operator is of critical importance. Injuries go along with compensation, downtime, and loss of productivity.

You thus want one of the forklifts now offered for sale that have built-in safety features. Such features include auto switch-off when the machine is not being operated to prevent accidental movement while the driver is not on – or busy getting on or off – the machine. You want a machine that is well balanced and can handle the loads and do the lifting stably. In addition, you want an emergency parking-brake system to be in place. The compartment must allow for a 360-degree view and maximum view of the mast.

Where to Find Such Warehouse Forklifts for Sale

Bidvest Materials Handling offers an extensive range of battery-powered forklifts for sale, specifically designed to meet all these requirements and more. We stock the UniCarriers brand, known for its superb quality, innovative designs, and environmentally friendly machines. The thoughtful designs include, for instance, rounded corners on the bodywork to prevent machines from being easily damaged when turning in the small spaces. The machines have enough foot space, are designed to reduce environmental impact of warehouse operations, and are made to last.

We supply forklifts in various sizes and welcome questions regarding performance, safety, and other features. Download the brochures and give us a call to help you choose the best forklifts for your warehouse applications.


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