May 24, 2019

Small to Large Diesel Forklifts for Sale to Meet Your Job Requirements

Small to Large Diesel Forklifts for Sale to Meet Your Job Requirements

When it comes to the variety of diesel forklifts for sale today that are suitable for load-yard operation, few can compare to the UniCarriers Smart Machine Series in the 2-3-tonne range. We offer these engine-driven forklifts for sale with one of three engine types. These engines are known for their reliability, performance, and power:

  • GCT K21
  • Isuzu C240 Diesel
  • Kubota V2403 Diesel

Operator Comfort and Floor Space

These counterbalanced forklifts feature exceptionally safe and comfortable operator compartments. Such comfort levels help to reduce fatigue and thus accidents related to operators losing concentration. The tilt cylinders are underneath the floor and thus do not take up valuable foot space. This ensures unhindered entry and exiting thanks to the unobstructed floor well.

Well-Designed Seat for Optimal Support and A Round Steering Wheel

The seat has additional driver support and includes a recliner, in addition to a balance weight. Each of the diesel forklifts for sale in this range comes with seatbelts for the operator to make for exceptionally safe machinery. The circular design of the small-diameter steering wheel is easy to use and make the machine controllable with minimal effort and operator strain. It provides for superb manoeuvrability and more space in the driver compartment. Getting into and out of the driver compartment is easy too, thanks to the wide footstep.

Parking Lever Placed for Optimal Space Saving

The entry and exit space is kept clear, as the parking-brake lever is located to the steering wheel’s immediate right. It features a double-action release for maximum operating safety.

Many Safety Features

The diesel forklifts for sale in this series have been designed with workplace safety in mind, evident in all their safety features:

  • Superb forklift control. The feature is available for the VM mast. It features deceleration of the rate at which the fork is lowered when the fork is at a height of 150 mm from the floor surface. This makes precise placement of the forks possible. As such, the likelihood of accidents related to incorrect fork alignment is reduced.
  • Sturdy head frame. The operator’s roof cage is very strong because it is of single-piece construction. This has been achieved by welding the rear and front pillars to create a single cage.
  • Rubber anti-slip mat. The hood features a rubber anti-slip mat, helping to prevent slips when entering or exiting the operator compartment.
  • High light placement. The brake lights are positioned higher for maximum visibility to surrounding workers and machine operators.
  • Optional extras. Optional extras include a windshield wiper, insulator kit, a rear work light and a roof-sited rotating warning light.

1F6 Series 6-10-Tonne UniCarriers Diesel Forklifts for Sale from Bidvest

If you need heavy-duty forklifts, consider the features of the forklifts we offer for sale in the 6-10-tonne category. The machines in the 1F6 Series are noted for their performance. These units are exceptionally easy to operate and have several comfort features. They have powerful engines and boast excellent acceleration. The operator can adjust their performance according to job requirements, as the units have several modes for load carrying, long-distance travelling, and ascending steep gradients. At a speed of 500 mm per second, the lift speed is impressive by any standard.

The Driver’s Comfort and Safety

The wide front view ensures good visibility of the work environment, while the adjustable steering wheel allows the operator to adjust the steering wheel to a comfortable position. The units feature automatic transmission systems, which eliminate the need to shift gears. They are also fitted with electric directional control levers for easier change of direction.

Whether you need a smaller counterbalanced forklift or a heavy-duty machine, view the range of diesel forklifts we have for sale and contact us for more information about availability and pricing.


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