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Specialised Lifting Equipment – Warehouse Lifting Equipment

Work in Narrow Warehouse Aisles with Highly Efficient Specialised Lifting Equipment

Looking for specialised lifting equipment? Then look no further than our range of warehouse lifting equipment. It is extensive and, with quality being priority in all the specialised lifting equipment available from us, you can expect reliability, superior performance, maximum driver safety, and low environmental impact. Take a look at the reach trucks as highly efficient warehouse lifting equipment to get an idea of what we offer.

The UniCarriers brand has a reputation for excellence and with good reason. The manufacturer is committed to ensuring safety, low environmental impact, low cost to ownership, and superior functionality. The reach trucks available come with multi-adjustable operator compartments. This makes it possible for various workers to operate the reach trucks in maximum comfort. The left and right armrest, position of the seat, and floor height can be adjusted to suit the operator. With it comes the added benefit of safer operation because the driver’s physical requirements are met to ensure comfort and maximum control over steering and operation.

UniCarriers consulted their customers to ensure that their warehouse lifting equipment, such as the reach trucks, can be used for various applications. In this vein, the manufacturer made sure to design ergonomic operator compartments for maximum safety and comfort. The driver compartments include hands-free direction control and a writing desk, making it easier for the operator to keep notes and logs without having to leave the operator seat, and perfect placement of the LCD display for easy visibility of notifications. The reach truck has a comfortable cabin that can be heated, enabling the operator to work without experiencing discomfort in cold-store areas where the temperature can be as low as -35 °C.

Safety in the warehouse work environment is always a priority and UniCarriers has taken every step to ensure maximum safety of their reach trucks. They designed their reach trucks as specialised lifting equipment based on the Risk Reduction System for optimal operator safety. To this end, they included the S3 Stability Support System. The operator has full all-round visibility and the reach truck design includes an automatic parking brake to prevent accidental movement of the truck and thus eliminates the risk of it bumping into shelves or running over someone when not in use.

Their design furthermore includes a mast-lock system, while buyers also have the option to include active spin reduction. The latter is useful, as it senses drive wheel slipping for automatic reduction in wheel acceleration to improve grip on slippery surfaces. In addition, the reach truck has a stability support system, which automatically adjusts the speed of travelling when the forks are lifted, with mast speed furthermore adjusted according to fork height.

With floor space costing money, it is essential to maximise the usage of storage space. One way to do so is to make narrower aisles. However, when doing that it becomes essential to make use of specialised warehouse lifting equipment such as the UniCarriers reach trucks. The trucks are fitted with a standard mast-tilt function, which reduces the aisle width needed for operation.

Maintenance downtime is reduced with the built-in testing equipment for self-diagnostics. The time it takes to troubleshoot is significantly reduced with no additional computer software or devices required. With long service intervals, the truck can operate for more hours before servicing is required. Apart from cost savings related to servicing, this also translates into more uptime and thus increased productivity.

Efficiency is improved with a horizontal fork levelling function and a load weight calculation, which is indicated to the driver. With the embedded level assistance technology, it is easy to choose any of a number of pre-selected lift heights, which reduces the time it takes to calculate lifts and reduces the risk of errors.

Truck safety and security are improved with a log-on system that prevents unauthorised usage of the vehicle. The operator must enter a PIN, after which the driver’s profile is loaded. The vehicle performance is thus dedicated to specific profiles and multiple operators can use the truck according to their specific job performance requirements. There is no need to enter the height levels and the likes every time, since these are all stored in the profiles of the operators. For more information view and download the brochures for the reach trucks and other specialised warehouse lifting equipment available from us.


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