September 18, 2018

The Best Forklifts Available for Your Warehouse in Gauteng

The Best Forklifts Available for Your Warehouse in Gauteng

If you are looking for forklifts for sale in Pretoria, look no further than the portfolio of engine-driven and electric forklifts we offer for sale. Regardless of whether your warehouse is in Pretoria, Johannesburg, or any other location in Gauteng, you will appreciate our after-sales services and commitment to quality.

Apart from our new forklifts for sale, we provide equipment-hire services in Pretoria, in addition to previously owned, well-maintained forklifts for sale. To give you an indication of the quality you can expect when buying from us, we briefly introduce the electric TX Series 1,25-2-tonne 3-wheeled forklifts. The 3-wheel design enables the units in this range to turn tight corners and operate within small spaces – perfect for Pretoria warehouses with narrow aisles. The units are for indoor use and you can improve performance with options such as fingertip control levers giving the operator more control over performance and best of all – increasing comfort while driving.

The units have an automatic shut-off function to prevent accidents related to movement while the operator is not present. In addition, the feature helps to save energy and thereby prolong the work hours per battery cycle. Energy efficiency is important for maximum productivity and planning. As such, these units should form part of any warehouse operation.

Performance can be controlled through a selection mode according to the environment and tasks. Maximum uptime is achieved through the on-board diagnostics menu for troubleshooting and integrated self-checking. In addition, energy consumption can be monitored and controlled. The risk of overloading is significantly reduced with the on-board load meter with which the operator can monitor load weight during operation. Safety features, technology that supports low maintenance, energy-efficiency, and easy operation are among the many features that make these units stand out.

Get the best for your warehouse. View our full product range and give us a call to help you decide which units are best for your particular environment, operation requirements and budget.


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