January 25, 2019 irenee@bidvestforklifts.co.za

The Perfect Supplier of Forklifts in the Western Cape

How to Find the Perfect Supplier of Forklifts in the Western Cape

In 2018, Cape Town displaced Johannesburg as South Africa’s economic hub of. With its harbour and well-developed industrial infrastructure, Cape Town has everything to offer when it comes to the perfect address for imports, logistics, and warehouse operations. Forklifts are essential equipment for warehouse and shipyard operations. To this end, it makes sense to search for a supplier of quality forklifts in Cape Town. Other considerations to keep in mind when looking for a reliable supplier of warehouse equipment such as forklifts are:

  • Comprehensiveness of the product range.
  • Trustworthiness of the brand.
  • The availability of service and maintenance agreements.
  • The availability of rental, lease, and purchase options.
  • Proximity to ensure fast delivery and service.

Bidvest Materials Handling meets all these requirements. The company’s showroom and workshop are in Stikland, Cape Town. As such, it is close to all the main industrial areas of the city. It also means it is nearby, should you need technical support and forklift maintenance services. The company offers superb service and maintenance agreements and stocks parts for all major brands and models of forklifts. The company also offers both brand-new and used forklifts for sale, while short-term rentals and lease options ensure that your exact needs can be met. The brand has an international footprint and a reputation for excellence. The product range is extensive and includes 3-wheeled electric and 4-wheeled fuel-powered forklifts. In fact, everything from order pickers to reach trucks and various other essential warehouse machines are available.

In terms of brand quality and trustworthiness, you will be pleased to learn that the company carries the well-known and trusted UniCarriers brand of forklifts and warehouse equipment. Equipment guarantees, excellent after-sales services, and affordability of the equipment are more reasons to use Bidvest Materials Handling as your supplier of forklifts and other warehouse equipment in Cape Town.


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