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Top Quality Forklifts Pretoria

The Best Engine Driven Workhorse Forklifts for Sale in Pretoria

If you are looking for the best possible forklifts for your particular operations in Pretoria, you will be glad to know that we also have offices in Pretoria. Our range of UniCarriers forklifts is extensive, ensuring that we can meet all your lifting needs, whether at a construction site or warehouse in Cape Town or on a load yard in Pretoria. We briefly look at the engine driven 3,5- to 5-tonne 1F5 Series to give you an indication of the quality, safety, performance, and durability that make our range of forklifts stand out amongst others offered in Pretoria.

3,5- to 5-tonne 1F5 Series Engine-Driven Forklifts

The series now offers even more features than before. Several improvements have been made to put these forklifts at the top of users’ shopping lists. Such improvements range from the inclusion of automatic 2-speed transmission to easy-to-use levers, in addition to a safety-first design for the operator’s seat. Features such as an aluminium radiator and a torque converter with cooling fins add to the performance and durability profile of these forklifts that are now for sale in Pretoria. within fact, those one-piece aluminium radiators provide superb cooling efficiency. With their single-mould design and improved joint reliability, they add to the durability of the engine.

Excellent Performance in Terms of Lift Speed

The diesel 3,5- and 4-tonne units have a lift speed of 540 mm/s under load. This puts their performance at the top of their class. The forks can lower at a speed of 550 mm/s when unloaded. With such features, lifting and lowering can be done more quickly, meaning more work can be completed in a day.

Low-Cost 6-Cylinder S6S Engine

Talk about environmentally friendly machines and this series comes to mind. The units feature an eco-friendly, low-vibration engine, built in compliance with Tier 2 emissions requirements. It has a pre-chamber combustion system, which ensures cleaner emissions and more power.

Durable Lift Cylinders and Electric Shift Lever for Machines with Automatic Transmission

The lift cylinder’s piston rods are filled with hydraulic oil for improved durability and forward and reverse selection is made easier with the single-touch operation offered.

Safe and Comfortable Footwell

The driver’s comfort has been improved with a wider step for entering and exiting the truck. The footwell is neat and spacious, with the lift cylinders tucked away.

Glow-Plug Indicator for Diesel Lift Trucks

As soon as the starter switch is on, the glow-plug indicator on the instrument panel is switched on. Automatic pre-heating of the engine thus takes place automatically and, once at the appropriate temperature has been reached, the indicator switches off. This shows the operator that the engine is ready to start.

3-Mode Switch for Automatic-Transmission Trucks

Three easy-to-select modes are included to be used according to operational needs. Normal is indicated with “D”, Gradient is indicated with “1”, and high speed is indicated with “Dopt”.

Improved Visibility, A Safety Seat for The Operator, and Optimal Forward Visibility

The trucks are fitted with high-mounted stoplights, adding to visibility for other users nearby. The operator’s seat has a high back for sufficient back support and side panels, adding to the operator’s comfort and protection when working on steep gradients. The trucks feature wider masts and minimal clutter in front for maximum forward visibility. This improves safety and operational comfort.

Easy Opening and Closing of the Bonnet

The engine’s cover comes with an automatic locked-stay damper. It also has a fall-safe feature to prevent it from accidentally closing.

With so many superb features and excellent performance statistics, these forklifts are workhorses by any standard. View more features by downloading the brochure. Contact us in Pretoria to place your order for your machine of choice.


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