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Types of Attachments to Improve Functionality of Forklifts

Types of Attachments to Improve Functionality of Forklifts

Forklifts come as standard with masts, carriages, and forks but some loads require special attachments. The best attachment is the one that is made specifically for your particular application. Using the right one helps to ensure safe operation and reduced risk of damage to the shelves or loads. We briefly look at the main types of attachments available for operating in warehouse environments:

  • Side Shift Attachments. Such attachments enable the operator to move the forks for easier moving of loads that are misaligned. These attachments help to reduce the workload on the operator and eliminate wear and tear on the lift truck.
  • Roll Clamps. These attachments are suitable for forklifts where rolls of paper must be moved without causing damage to the paper. The roll clamps can be used for many types of round loads such as barrels.
  • Flat-Surface Clamps. These attachments are used for transporting and loading appliances that do not fit on pallets.
  • Positioning Attachments. These attachments enable the operator to adjust the forks without leaving their seat.
  • Carpets And heavy-Duty Poles. Forklifts used for the transportation of carpets and other rolled items such as wire require carpet-pole attachments.
  • These are attachments used for moving bins or containers.
  • Multiple Load-Handling Attachments. By adding the extra pairs of forks, the operator can load and transport several loads next to each other.
  • Push and Pull Attachments. To eliminate the need for pallets, the push and pull attachments are used, enabling loading and carrying on plastic slip sheets. The loads are pushed off the carriage onto the load space. These attachments are often found on forklifts operating in food-processing plants.

Attachments improve the safety of your operations and increase your business’s productivity. Contact us for more information about our forklifts and attachments suitable for specific tasks.


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