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Used Forklifts from Bidvest Materials Handling

Things to Consider Before Buying Used Forklifts

When you buy brand-new lift machines, the equipment has warranty cover and you are guaranteed many hours of operation before major services or overhauls will be needed. When you buy used forklifts from just anyone, you buy machines that may have an unknown number of hours on the clock and there is a risk of hidden faults. You also do not know how well the used forklifts have been maintained before you bought them.

As such, it is imperative to buy previously owned machines from trusted suppliers that also sell brand-new machines. Such suppliers must offer service and maintenance plans and warranties and be able to repair and service the machines they sell. You want dealers offering only previously owned units from reputable brands that are known for reliability and durability.

When you buy from us, you do not just get any old used forklift, but a professionally refurbished one. This means the machines have received their major services and can thus operate for many more hours before having to undergo routine maintenance. We offer service-level agreements and stock parts for all major brands. The units are well priced and we are just as proud of our previously owned range as we are of our new machines, such as the world-renowned UniCarriers brand.

We offer you several options when buying equipment from us, whether previously owned or brand-new. You can lease with the option to take ownership at the end of the lease period. As an alternative, you can rent machines short-term only when you need them. You can buy cash or finance your purchase. Regardless of how you want to structure the procurement of new equipment, you know that all the machines in our collection are made to last. We provide you with service records and because we believe in the quality of the machines, we offer service and maintenance agreements.

View the range of used forklifts and give us a call to help you decide on a machine that matches your requirements.


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