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Used Forklifts – Second-Hand Forklifts

Shopping for Used Forklifts for Sale? Find out Why Buying Second-Hand is a Viable Option

If you need heavy or awkwardly sized objects carried, moved, lifted, stacked, or loaded, chances are that you need, or already make use of, a forklift. Forklifts are a saving grace for many businesses. In fact, without them, productivity and smooth workflow might very well come to a grinding halt in your business and industry. You cannot do the job of a forklift with any other type of equipment. Forklifts are used in a variety of industries from lumberyards to manufacturing companies, distribution warehouses, retailers, and many more. Unfortunately, regardless of the demand for forklifts in so many industries, they are not particularly cheap to purchase, and if you are working with a strict budget, chances are that a brand-new forklift is not a viable option for your business. There are always financing options out there, but if you wish to own your own forklift outright from the start, it is time to consider alternative options. As a result of this, sales of used forklifts have increased substantially over the past few years. You will find many forklift manufacturers offering second-hand units as an option and if you are shopping at a reliable supplier, buying second-hand can be very rewarding.

Forklifts only need to be refurbished or replaced if they are overworked and worn out. Used forklifts with a comprehensive service, maintenance, and operation history can be trusted to give you many years of good service still. When the time comes to give up on your existing forklift and get a new one, there are a number of aspects that come into play. Do you want to buy new or used? What is your available budget? How often will you use the unit and what will you use it for?

At Bidvest Forklifts, we often advise our clients to see what is available on the second-hand market before they buy new and below are a few reasons why:

  • You will get excellent quality at a lower price. Forklifts retain their resale values quite well when they are bought second-hand. Unfortunately, when they are bought brand-new, they lose a hefty chunk of their value the moment they leave the showroom floor. It works much the same as most vehicles and machinery. To ensure that the forklift is worth the price tag attached, check the odometer and ensure that the maintenance and servicing schedules are complete.
  • You will enjoy lower servicing and maintenance costs. Maintaining your forklift is something that is non-negotiable. However, a second-hand forklift will not need to be taken to specified, expensive manufacturer workshops, in order to retain a warranty.
  • You can get the brand and model that you like. Often, budgets determine what machinery and equipment can be bought. Even though you may like a certain brand, you might have to settle for a different one if your budget does not allow for a brand-new purchase. Second-hand forklifts allow you to invest in a brand that you like and trust without incurring the high fees that are associated with the purchase of new equipment. Both fuel-powered and electric used forklifts are available.
  • You can buy more than one second-hand unit for the price of a new forklift! If you shop around wisely, you can grow your fleet more quickly when buying second-hand. The money saved on one unit can be put towards paying for a second used forklift. This means increased productivity for your workforce.

At Bidvest Forklifts, you will find an array of second-hand forklifts to choose from. These forklifts are available in various sizes and a range of handling capacities. We are always available to advise clients and potential clients on the capabilities of each forklift on our floor and we would like nothing more than to be able to assist you with making the right selection for your particular needs and budget.

With our range of forklifts, you can boost productivity and ensure that your staff members have access to top-quality, reliable, and safe equipment and machinery at all times. If you are interested in learning more about the range of used forklifts that we stock, waste no more time. Take the time to contact us at Bidvest Forklifts via email or telephone today.


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