September 26, 2017

Versatile Electronic Warehouse Lifters

Versatile Electronic Warehouse Lifters in the Pedestrian Stacker Range

 Having the right warehouse equipment is essential to ensure high productivity levels, higher profits, and improved safety. We offer a wide range of electronic warehouse lifters, including pallet stackers, reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet trucks. Our pallet stackers are extremely energy efficient electronic warehouse lifters. We briefly take a look at some of the electronic warehouse lifters in our pedestrian pallet stacker family to give you an indication of how versatile our equipment is.

PSL/PSD Pedestrian Stackers

 These electronic warehouse lifters are especially versatile medium-height stacking equipment offering the ability to travel equally smoothly over either long and short distances. These pedestrian stackers can also be used for order picking and unloading applications. Choose the PSL for single-pallet handling and the PSD if you require double-pallet handling. You will love the sleek and modern designs of these electronic warehouse lifters with their rounded edges, which also serve to protect personnel from injuries related to walking into sharp edges. These round edges, though aesthetically pleasing, are not just there to make these electronic warehouse lifters more attractive; they also serve to prevent of damage to goods and warehouse equipment. In addition, the rounded edges are easier to clean than sharp edges.

Do not let the beauty of these electronic warehouse lifters fool you into thinking they are just a pretty face and not suited to hard work. Robust construction, such as additional metal sides for knock absorption and the modular component sharing across our entire range of pedestrian stackers add to the economic value and low cost to ownership of the equipment. These electronic warehouse lifters additionally feature flexible connections between the offset drive motor, the stacker chassis, and the wheel. This helps to impart more stability and to improve the traction of these stackers on any type of surface. Fitted with AC technology, all the electronic warehouse lifters in this range feature smooth operation and longer operating times with extended service intervals, especially because the units’ electric motors do not have any brushes that can become worn and thus need replacement.

Add to the above features such as tiller-type steering mechanism with a myriad of functions that all fall comfortably to hand for the operator for optimal control over operation, and you can understand why the PSL and PSD pedestrian pallet stackers are so useful in the warehouse environment. With the tiller offset, the operator can walk next to the stacker with the tiller in his right hand. Because of the intelligent electronics, it is easy to control the truck and it easy to check its status, as it also comes with a diagnostics display panel.

PS Stackers

 If you are looking for electronic warehouse lifters that can be used for a wide range of applications, select the PS truck. The PS range is specifically suited to easier access to the components, which helps to minimise the time it takes to do the necessary maintenance. That said, with the reliability of the PS range, you probably will not need to access the components often. Also fitted with an offset tiller arm that enables the operator to walk next to the lifter with the tiller in his hand, the PS truck is easy to control. It has low chassis, which makes it possible for the operator to have an unobstructed view of the forks during operation.

The compact design adds to the stability of this pedestrian pallet stacker. It also has superb load capacity and features outstanding manoeuvrability, making it a great piece of equipment to use in restricted warehouse spaces. The PS is well-suited to lifting and stacking applications up to 4,2 m in height and can also be used for the occasional order picking. It features a distinctive and modern design with those previously mentioned rounded edges minimising the risk of damage to goods or equipment, or injury to people. The electronic warehouse lifters in the PS range of pedestrian pallet stackers have four wheels for improved stability and residual capacity. Also fitted with special electronics for diagnostics, these low-chassis trucks are perfect for use in most warehouse setups.

The above pedestrian pallet stackers are examples of the quality and versatility you can expect from Bidvest Forklifts. View our full range of electronic warehouse lifters and download the brochures to view specifications. If you need advice on handling equipment in a warehouse contact us today.


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