May 15, 2017

Highly Effective Warehouse Lifting Equipment

Highly Efficient Reach Trucks and Order Pickers for Your Warehouse

Whether you are looking for warehouse lifting equipment to buy, hire, rent long term, or rent-to-own, you will be impressed with the vehicles in our range. In addition to sale and rental of new warehouse lifting equipment, we offer for sale refurbished units, maintenance and service contracts on all makes of forklifts, and spare parts. We have branches in three provinces and a network of dealerships in all the other provinces in South Africa. Our product line of warehouse lifting equipment is extensive and includes reach trucks, pallet trucks, order pickers, and pallet stackers. We take a look at the reach trucks and order pickers available to give you an indication of why these trucks should form part of your warehouse lifting equipment fleet.

UniCarriers Reach Trucks

The reach trucks are made to be comfortable and to allow for usage by various authorised drivers. The operator compartments come with several adjustable features, such as adjustable armrests, positioning of the seat, and electrical adjustment for floor height. If the operator environment is adjusted to the operator’s physical requirements, operations becomes easier and safer. Hands-free direction control, optimal LCD display placement, and an optional writing desk are features that add to a comfortable work environment. The trucks are equipped as standard with fingertip controls, but you also have the option of an ERGO Logic control with nine functions integrated into a single joystick.

Operator safety is important in the design of UniCarriers reach trucks. It is based on the Risk Reduction System, with inclusion of a Stability Support System (S3). The vehicle design allows for superb all-round visibility to minimise the risk of accidents. The units have automatic park and mast-lock systems. Optional spin reduction is available, which is helpful in reducing the risk of wheels spinning on wet surfaces. The stability support system plays an integral role in safe operation, as vehicle speed is automatically reduced when the vehicle goes around a corner or when the forks are lifted, in addition to mast speed reduction according to fork height.

The cabin has been designed for comfort, even in warehouse temperatures of below zero degrees Celsius, enabling operators to work in cold storerooms. The vehicles have wider load wheels for more stability and load-handling capacity. Lower maintenance costs are possible because of the built-in technology for self-diagnostics, making troubleshooting easy. The trucks can operate in narrow aisles because of mast-tilt technology, thus helping you fit more aisles in the warehouse. PIN-based access to the vehicle ensures that only authorised operators can use the vehicle.

UniCarriers Order Pickers

We offer you a range of high-performance order pickers with good acceleration ability and operating speeds, in addition to safe and efficient braking systems. The order pickers will be valuable additions to your warehouse lifting equipment. The units have superb floor traction, made possible with friction-force technology that optimises tyre pressure for more stability and grip. The units also have onboard diagnostics technology, which makes for quick and easy troubleshooting and helps to reduce the time in maintenance. Alternative methods of operation are possible with an optional bike steering mechanism, or even with the operator walking next to the unit. You have a choice of low or high lifting forks, fixed or raised platforms, or a combination of the features to meet your warehouse application requirements. You can even have longer forks installed on the units.

The units feature battery rollers for easy replacement of the batteries to ensure 24/7 operation and thus maximum productivity in your warehouse, and are well-suited for first and second level picking operations. Travel speeds of up to 12 km/h can be attained safely because of the powerful motors and smooth acceleration for best control and maximum productivity. The platform can adjust with ease and quickly, without complicated processes. PIN access control eliminates the risk of unauthorised usage of the trucks. The trucks have with excellent braking systems and are able to operate at low speeds with low platforms.

Don’t compromise on productivity in your warehouse. View our range of warehouse lifting equipment and make use of our options for buying, renting long term, hiring short term, or renting to own to make sure you can expand your warehouse fleet.


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