May 24, 2019

We Have Electrical Forklifts for Sale to Meet All Your Application Needs

We Have Electrical Forklifts for Sale to Meet All Your Application Needs

Do you need electrical forklifts for your warehouse operations? Consider the models for sale in the BX Series. The electrical forklifts in the 1,5-2,5-tonne BX Series from UniCarriers are eco-friendly, very easy to operate, designed for safe operation, and energy-efficient too. In fact, the BX Series offers class-leading performance and exceptionally long operating hours, in addition to having remarkable power and being capable of swift travel speeds. The units have been designed to be environmentally friendly and cause minimal operator fatigue. In fact, when it comes to easy handling, few of the other types of electrical forklifts for sale today can beat them.

Performance Features

The units have dust- and water-resistant controllers, the ability to operate at low speeds and start off smoothly on inclines, and fuzzy-logic acceleration controllers. In addition, they have several performance modes to ensure the particular job requirements can be met.

Ease of Operation

They have multi-functional LCD monitors, optional load meters, optional single control levers and spacious footwells. The 2W mast units have soft-landing systems, while the 3-stage full-free mast carriage systems provide for maximum visibility of the surroundings. The units also feature the optional tilt-levelling system while the small-diameter steering wheel comes with tilt adjustment for the driver’s comfort.

Eco-Friendly Design

They have five regenerative functions to help recuperate energy and thus prolong their work hours. Units come with energy-usage indicators and have LED rear and headlamps.

Safety Features Reduce Risk of Injury

The units feature restraint seats and the suspension features of these help to ensure optimal support for the operator to reduce fatigue. The machines have sway-control systems in addition to mast-lock systems. Unauthorised usage is prevented through PIN access.

Electrical Forklifts for Sale in the 1,5-3,5-Tonne 4-Wheeled FB Series

These units have several environmentally friendly design features and rate amongst the best when it comes to controllability and driver comfort. With ergonomically designed seats, drivers can operate the units for long hours on end while experiencing minimal fatigue.


The trucks have standard hydraulic power steering for easier turning and thus safer operation. The LCD panels provide a clear indication of the rate of power usage and battery time left. Units come with an auto-power-off feature to reduce energy wastage while not in operation. Various energy-regeneration features ensure longer operating hours. Add to these the different operating modes and it becomes clear why these are some of the most popular electrical forklifts we have for sale.

Ease of Operation

The units are built to be compact in design and come with tilting steering columns, safety seats, and ample floor space for easier entering and exiting. They also feature a super-equalizing charging feature and optional precision fork positioning.

Improved Safety

Password protection helps to eliminate unauthorised use of the units. Each truck has wide-view mast systems, anti-rollback, speed limiters,  speed-sensitive steering, and optional load-handling and travel systems. The speed limiter senses steering angle and helps to control speed when the unit turns.

3-Wheeled 1,25- 2-Tonne Electrical Forklifts for Sale in The TX Series

If you want units with good excellent manoeuvrability and efficiency, consider the 3-wheeled units, featuring optional fingertip control levers and many features to improve driver comfort. The units also have energy monitors and auto-off features in addition to diagnostic menus. Last, the trucks also come with load meters and flexible operator modes.

From the above information, it becomes clear that we offer electrical forklifts for sale in every class. Regardless of your warehouse’s forklift requirements, you can rely on us for quality machines and services. Download the brochures and call us for quotes or assistance in choosing units, suited specifically to match your needs.


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