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What to Consider Before You Rent A Forklift

What to Consider Before You Rent A Forklift

As part of our product and service portfolio, we also offer forklift rentals. But before you choose a forklift, we recommend reading the tips below on how to pick the most appropriate forklift for your requirements.

Where will you use the machine?

Do you want a forklift for indoor or outdoor operations? For indoor operations, opt for an electric forklift, as it does not emit any harmful exhaust emissions. The exhaust emissions of diesel- and petrol-powered forklifts can be hazardous to the health of workers in enclosed spaces; in addition, these emissions can spoil food and other produce and perishables. Also, consider that engine-driven machines are not quiet, so when it thus comes to warehouse operations, always choose a forklift appropriate for indoor applications. The electric types are fitted with tyres meant for smooth surfaces and have minimal impact on floors. For outdoor use, a forklift that can travel longer distances and has the tyres to handle heavy loads and uneven terrain is better. Outdoor ones are normally engine-powered, so they can be quite noisy. They are only meant for outdoor use. You will probably want an engine-powered forklift for shipyards, construction sites, container areas, and the like.

What is the maximum load?

What do you need to lift? What is the maximum load that the forklift must normally carry? What is the maximum load height? What are the dimensions of the average load? Keep in mind that the load type, size, and weight all have an influence on the type and size of forklift to choose. It is thus imperative to identify your particular loading and lifting requirements before you choose a forklift. And no, bigger does not always mean better.

How wide are the aisles?

Do you need a forklift that can operate in narrow aisles and turn in confined space? Do you, for instance, need a forklift for stacking pallets in a drive-in fridge? Measure the width of the paths and aisles it must use, as well as the available turning space and lift space, before you rent a forklift.

For how long do you want to rent a forklift?

If you only need the forklift for one project or perhaps a week or two a year, it is better to rent a forklift as opposed to leasing or buying it. When you lease, you pay lower prices, but it is meant for the long term. The lease option is suitable if you do not want the large capital outlay associated with buying a brand-new forklift and the rental option is for occasional use.

What does Bidvest Materials Handling offer?

We understand that your equipment needs are unique. As such, we offer packages to meet your requirements. Once you know why you want a forklift, for what purpose, and what it must be able to handle, you can choose a package that suits your needs. We offer short-term rentals that include weekly and monthly packages structured according to your needs. You also have the option of long-term rental. In this regard, we offer standard packages for three, five or six years. We can furthermore structure the long-term deal on a rent-to-own basis. This means that you rent the unit and pay an additional fee. The unit is yours at the end of the rental period.

You also have the option to buy a quality used forklift if you decide that you want a machine on site permanently, but do not want to buy a new one. Regardless of your needs, you can rely on us for professional assistance and affordable packages. Call us for more information on how to rent a forklift from us.


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