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What to Look for in Second-Hand Forklifts

What to Look for in Second-Hand Forklifts

If you have a limited budget or want to avoid the large capital outlay of buying new forklifts, you will appreciate our range of quality second-hand forklifts. Our second-hand Nissan forklifts are superb, robust workhorses and able to handle loads of up to 7 t. However, we understand that not having the warranties associated with purchasing new equipment is a valid concern. Below are a few tips to help you shop for and choose the kind of second-hand forklifts that meet your requirements, ensuring you get value for money and peace of mind.

Learn About the Different Types of Forklifts and Their Applications

Do not buy a second-hand machine just because it is cheap. Unless the equipment meets your needs, it is not worth much. So, if you are a first-time buyer of new or second-hand forklifts, learn about the different types and the purpose of each. Now make a list of your requirements. To this end, try to answer the following questions:

  • Where do you want to use the forklifts?
  • Are they for indoor and outdoor use or only indoor?
  • Will you operate the trucks on smooth or uneven surfaces?
  • What is your average load weight?
  • What is the maximum load weight?
  • What is the toad type?
  • What is the load size?
  • Do you want machines that are environmentally friendly in their features and design?
  • For how many hours per day must the equipment operate?
  • How often do you plan to use the equipment?
  • What is the maximum height that you need to lift?

Once you have established all of this, compare the types of second-hand forklifts available to determine which ones meet your operational requirements. For indoor use, you need an electric forklift, since you want a compact machine that can turn in small spaces and does not emit harmful exhaust gases. The electric types have cushion tyres ideal for turning in small spaces and operating on smooth surfaces. These units are very environmentally friendly. However, they tend to have a lower ground clearance and cannot be operated on uneven surfaces. Electric forklifts are often used in food and beverage warehouse operations. For outdoor use, you want second-hand forklifts with a higher ground clearance and fitted with pneumatic or solid tyres. These units must be able to operate in harsh work conditions and have several features to ensure safe operation in a variety of outdoor environments. You want machines that can operate for long hours on end without a break and can handle heavy loads with ease. As such, you will appreciate our range of Nissan second-hand forklifts.

Consider Usage Requirements

If the usage expectation is low – say only three to five hours work a week – you can even opt for a machine that has more than 15 000 work hours on the clock and is more than ten years old. If it has been well maintained, it can give you another decade’s worth of operation. If you plan to use the machine for more than three hours a day, consider a well-maintained second-hand unit with less time on the clock and make sure it has a service history. If your forklift must be able to operate for seven or more hours daily, rather buy a brand-new one or lease one for five or more years, so you can buy it after the lease expires if you want.

Consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend on maintenance. Also consider which types of attachments must be fitted, the mast type, and the collapsed height of the equipment. Armed with this information, you are ready to call us for more information on the second-hand forklift of your choice.


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