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What to Look for in Warehouse Lifting Equipment

What to Look for in Warehouse Lifting Equipment

It is all about efficiency when it comes to deciding on which of the warehouse lifting equipment for sale to buy. It is of little or no use to shop for warehouse lifting equipment that cannot handle the load, distance, work hours, and applications required in your particular warehouse. You want to minimise the need for an extensive fleet and that is why careful consideration should go into equipment selection rather than just looking for the cheapest machines for sale. If you are not yet sure which warehouse lifting equipment will suit your specific application requirements and environment, consider renting machinery for a time. This will help you see which equipment performs best and what the application potential is. Only once you have identified your main application needs should you look for warehouse lifting equipment for sale.

Next comes the question of where to buy. Only buy from trusted suppliers of top brands such as UniCarriers. You want to buy from a company that offers rentals as well as equipment for sale. You also want a company that offers service and maintenance plans, spare parts, and both new and used equipment. Such a firm can provide you with choices. You can thus rely on their guidance regarding machinery to suit your requirements. The consultants will be able to help you determine whether rental, leasing, or purchasing will be best for your needs and budget. We briefly look at some of the warehouse lifting equipment for sale at Bidvest Forklifts to help you get started.

Reach Trucks

The reach trucks for sale in our product portfolio come in a wide range of lifting heights. If you need equipment for high-stack areas, the reach trucks will be the answer. We have reach trucks that can reach as high as 12,1 m even with full loads. UniCarriers understands that every warehouse is unique and has made it possible to customise the trucks to meet client specifications with features such as drive-in racking and rail guidance. The FRSB Series of reach trucks for sale are electrically powered sit-on units with lifting capacities ranging from 1,4 to 2,5 t. The units can operate long hours before a battery recharge is required.

Order Pickers

If you are looking for warehouse lifting equipment for sale that is suitable for first- and second-level picking, you will love the PPC and PPF order pickers. The units feature strong and durable motors known for superior performance and fast acceleration. The units can travel at speeds of up to 12 km/h and with their Friction Force Technology, the units develop maximum wheel pressure. This ensures superior traction and amazing stability, which in turn improves your warehouse’s efficiency. The units also feature optional stability support for safe operation. The PPF units have rising platforms, while the PPL units have fixed, low platforms. Also consider the multi-level order pickers for sale from us if you want units that can help out in a wide range of material handling applications.

Pallet Trucks

Pallet handling forms an integral part of warehouse operations. You want equipment that can handle your various pallet lifting and stacking requirements. Such trucks must be easy and safe to operate and must offer optimal driver comfort. Operators work long hours and if fatigue sets in early, you can expect mistakes and mishaps. Such mistakes in the warehouse environment can be fatal or financially very costly. It is thus essential to opt for warehouse lifting equipment that offers excellent features to improve safety, driver comfort, and efficiency. To this end, you will not be disappointed with the range of low lifters available from us.

Pallet Stackers

In addition to the pallet trucks, we offer a range of energy-efficient and durable pallet stackers to meet your warehouse material handling requirements. We offer PLD and PSL pedestrian stackers for order picking, medium- and low-level stacking, and short- and long-distance travelling. The units are AC-powered for maximum efficiency and the lowest possible energy consumption. The units are used mainly for the lifting and stacking of pallets.

We offer various units in each of the above categories. Whether you are looking for warehouse lifting equipment for sale or to rent, you can rely on our consultants to help you select equipment that meets your requirements.


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