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When to Hire A Forklift

When to Hire A Forklift and How to Choose the Right Machine

Hire a forklift if you want a machine for short-term use such as at fruit-harvesting time when you need machines for moving crates to the storage facilities or onto trucks.

You can also hire a forklift for a one-off project or to expand your fleet of machines without a large capital outlay or upfront payment. Consider the option if you want a monthly tax-deductible expense or want to manage your cash flow better. It is also possible to lease a machine and at the end of the lease period simply make the balloon payment to cover the remainder of the amount. This makes it possible to quickly upgrade your warehouse equipment without it affecting your cash flow.

How to Choose the Machine

Before you hire a forklift, determine your exact operational needs. Will you use the machine indoors or outdoors? Will it need to operate on smooth or uneven terrain? How important is speed? Do you need a machine that can turn in small aisles? How many hours must the machine work at a time? Other questions to answer:

  • What are the restrictions in terms of door and ceiling heights?
  • What is the size of the warehouse, load bay, or yard where you want to the use the machine?
  • Will it have to start on an incline?
  • What is the maximum load weight?
  • What is the maximum lift height?
  • What type of load must be carried?
  • Will you need special attachments?
  • How far must the machine travel with a full load?

Keep in mind that fuel-powered machines are often stronger and able to handle outdoor environments. These units can operate on uneven surfaces. However, they are noisy and emit exhaust gases.  Consider electric forklift hire for indoor operations, as these machines are quiet, more compact in design, energy-efficient, and don’t have harmful emissions.

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