May 29, 2018

Where to Find Quality Heavy-Duty Forklifts in South Africa

Where to Find Quality Heavy-Duty Forklifts in South Africa

 When it comes to the options you have in terms of heavy-duty forklifts for sale, you will appreciate our extensive range of diesel forklifts. These machines are designed for performance, durability, safety, and operator comfort. In addition, the units are also built with reduced environmental impact in mind.

Take for instance the 1F6 Series of heavy-duty forklifts for sale from the well-known UniCarriers brand. These trucks are designed for low noise emissions. Lower noise adds to the safety of operating a forklift, as the operator can hear instructions and feedback from colleagues more clearly. The trucks in this range have rugged masts and safety devices on the brake levers for improved safety. The display panel is placed for optimal visibility and has LED lighting to improve visibility of the readings in low-light conditions.

The bonnet has a gas damper for quick opening to inspect the engine. Servicing the trucks is made easier with boltless floorboards that can be removed and reinstalled without the need for special tools. The oil filler cap features hydraulic snap-grip technology. These features all make it easier to maintain the winning range of heavy-duty forklifts we offer for sale. The units can handle several types of load handling attachments, also available from us. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Long forks;
  • Bale clamp;
  • Side shift;
  • Hinge fork;
  • Fork positioner; and
  • Extension forks.

Optional extras include rear lighting, overhead exhaust, port relief valves, and more. Whether you require smaller heavy-duty forklifts or need the big boys capable of handling super heavy loads, you will appreciate the extensive range of forklifts we have for sale. We offer a range from 1,5- to 10-t machines to operate in environments ranging from warehouse yards to harbour docks, farms, and more.

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