September 17, 2019

Which Factors to Consider for Forklift Rental

Do You Know Which Factors to Consider for Forklift Rental?

We make forklift rental easy and affordable but since you don’t want to waste money on hiring the wrong equipment, it’s wise to consider your exact needs:

  1. How high and heavy. Before considering forklift rental, determine the maximum weight and height requirements. Make sure the forklift can lift more than the maximum consignment weight. The same applies to height. The machine should be able to lift the maximum weight needed to the maximum height with ease. Add 15 cm more than the height of the tallest shelf to the lift height requirement because the forks must go higher than the shelf to safely place the pallet. Keep in mind that the machine’s load-carrying ability decreases as lift height increases.
  2. What type of load the machine should lift. To complicate the forklift-rental decision even more, determine the type of goods to be lifted and their dimensions. This is essential because the carrying and lifting abilities relate to the dimensions of the cargo. You may also need to rent attachments to handle a particular type of load. The load length remains the key factor when it comes to calculating the load lift to a particular height. Our consultants can help you determine the answer based on the cargo type, maximum height, and highest point of lift.
  3. Where you will operate the machine. Operational environment is the third key factor. For an indoor environment where space is limited and the floor smooth, the electric lift truck is best. It doesn’t emit harmful exhaust emissions. The tyres are made for smooth surfaces, and the machine is quiet. Think about the turning radius and aisle width. For outdoor use, consider the terrain, as this determines the tyre choice. Also, determine travel distances and speeds required.

Armed with these answers, you are prepared to get forklift-rental quotes. Give us a call and our consultants will match the ideal machine with your exact operational needs.


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