August 29, 2019

Why Buy or Rent from Our Forklift Company in South Africa?

Do you need to find a forklift company with an extensive product and service portfolio? If you do, consider us as a leading forklift company in South Africa. Below are some of the machines we have available, giving you an indication of the quality and variety you can expect when purchasing from us.

Engine-Powered Units

In this category, our company offers the 1F Series 1,5-3,5-tonne forklifts and the 1F5 Series of 3,5-5-tonne machines. We also have the 1F5 Series of 6-10-tonne trucks and the 2-3-tonne Smart Machine Series available. We take a closer look at the 1F Series Smart Machines now. These machines are fuel-powered and come from the reputable UniCarriers brand.

Three types of engines are used in this series; the Isuzu C240, the Kubota V2403, and the GCT K21, which is a petrol engine developed from and based on the Isuzu C240 diesel engine. All three these engines are known for their reliability and good performance.

The units in this series have smart fork-landing systems, anti-slip mats on the hoods, and single-piece head guards. They also feature comfortable seating with multifunctional suspension, portable glove boxes, and extra-wide entry steps. The ergonomic design of their steering wheels has excellent driver comfort in mind.

Electrical Units

These units are well-suited to warehouse operations. They feature environmentally friendly designs. Also from the UniCarriers brand, these units are exceptionally energy-efficient. In the electrical group of forklifts, we feature the X Series of 1,25-2-tonne 3-wheeled machines. This type of layout makes them particularly suitable for operation in small spaces. We also offer the 4-wheeled BX Series of 1,5-2,5-tonne machines. These units are remarkably efficient and exceptionally safe as well and for these reasons, they are popular amongst many materials-handling companies because of their superior abilities. When it comes to exceptionally eco-friendly designs, we are proud to introduce the FB Series of electrical units in the 1,5-3,5-tonne class. If your company is serious about sustainable warehouse operations, buying one or more of these units will certainly help to reduce your carbon footprint. These units have also been designed for optimal driver comfort and safety. Featuring compact bodies, they are easy to steer and have several features to guard against hazards. We recognise the importance of comprehensive information when it comes to a purchasing decision so, to this end, we provide downloadable brochures that contain the specifications and descriptions of all the forklifts that we offer for sale in our product stable. As a leading forklift company in Africa, we supply only the best machines.

Rentals, Sales, and Second-Hand Forklifts

We understand that you may want to reduce your capital expenditure on essential machinery, so we offer a rental option as well. In fact, we offer both short- and long-term rental packages. The short-term packages are suitable for weekly or monthly hire while the long-term packages can be structured on a rent-to-own basis. We offer 3-, 5-, and 6-year packages. Our consultants can help you decide which options are best suited for your company. Last, we offer refurbished and well-maintained trucks from the Nissan brand.

Other Products

Our company offers an extensive range of warehouse lifting equipment such as:

  • Reach trucks.
  • Pallet stackers.
  • Pallet trucks.
  • Order pickers.

Services and Parts

We stock genuine parts for all major brands of forklifts. In addition, we can service all makes as well. Maintenance and servicing agreements are available for all the machines in our product stable.

Whether you thus want to buy, rent, or rent-to-own superior-quality equipment, you can rely on us to meet your needs. Get in touch to discuss how we can help meet your company’s forklift requirements.


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