May 29, 2018

Why Buy the Diesel Forklifts We Have for Sale?

Why Buy the Diesel Forklifts We Have for Sale?

 One thing that stands out amongst all others when it comes to the diesel forklifts for sale from Bidvest Forklifts, it is quality. Take for example, the 1F6 Series 6- to 10-t diesel forklifts for sale from the UniCarriers brand. These machines are made for performance and heavy lifting in outdoor environments. It does not matter what the load handling requirements are, these units do not disappoint. Indeed, we can call all the forklifts for sale in this range the workhorses of diesel forklifts.

The 1F6 series of forklifts for sale is worth special consideration. Thoughtful design ensures driver comfort, optimal safety, maximum performance, and strength. The units are fitted with high-power 6,5-litre engines with high power output. How does 4,3 seconds sound over 10 m from a standstill, fully loaded? It is impressive, especially considering the size of the units. An amazingly fast lifting speed of 500 mm per second (loaded) ensures optimal productivity. Below are some of the key features of the diesel forklifts for sale in the 1F6 Series of the 6- to 10-t class:

With three performance modes, the operator can match the performance of the forklift for the job at hand.

Innovative Design

The hood is easy to open, making it easier to work on the engine while the boltless floorboards make it easy to lift to get to other parts of the forklift. This helps to reduce maintenance time and thus cost to company related to routine checks and maintenance. The dash has an integrated pen and cup holder for the driver’s convenience. The oil filler cap is snap-fit hydraulic, making it easy to remove when having to replace oil.

Superb Safety

Safety is always a concern where heavy machinery operates. The diesel forklifts for sale from the UniCarriers brand have been designed with safety in mind. The units have rugged masts, special safety devices on the parking brake lever to prevent accidental movement, and an easy-to-see instrument panel to help the operator monitor performance and speed.

Driver Comfort

If the driver compartment is uncomfortable, one can expect fatigue to set in early, causing concentration problems and accidents. With the driver comfort features of all our diesel forklifts for sale in this range, the operator can work longer and stay fresh. The steering wheel can tilt to fit the driver’s requirements. The units boast a wide front view and are surprisingly quiet when in operation. They have automatic transmission systems and electric directional control levers.

1F Series 1,5-3,5-t Diesel Forklifts for Sale

On the other end of the size scale, we offer the 1F Series of 1,5-3,5-t diesel forklifts for sale. They meet the objectives of environmentally friendly operation, operator comfort, and low cost to company regarding ownership and maintenance. The trucks in this range are exceptionally reliable, something you need to help keep the cost of operation low. Some of the key features of the units in this range are briefly discussed below.

Exceptional Safety

With the low centre of gravity, the units in this range have good stability, even when turning. The speed selector makes it possible to select the maximum speed according to operator comfort level, thereby enhancing safety in operation

Environmentally Friendly Features

The low noise levels of the units make it possible to operate in areas where other diesel forklifts would have caused too much noise. In addition, the low emission level of the units helps companies to meet their own environmental management objectives. Industry-led technology ensures maximum performance with the lowest possible noise emissions. The low noise emission levels also enhance the safety aspect of the machines as the operators can better hear instructions and guidance regarding lifting and movement.

Operator Comfort Features

The units are easy to steer and built to maximise operator comfort to ensure safest possible operation. The smooth-landing system prevents accidents and damage to the forks. With each of the units featuring the sway-control system, the operators have more control and visibility. Apart from facilitating faster work, such features add to the safety profile of the trucks.

The above are but two of the ranges in our product stable. View the brochures for each of the diesel forklifts for sale and call on us for assistance in selecting the trucks that will meet your application requirements.


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