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Why Choose Bidvest as Your Forklift Supplier

Why Choose Bidvest as Your Forklift Supplier in South Africa?

If you are looking for reliable lifting equipment to buy, lease, or rent, you will want to use a reputable forklift company in South Africa. The supplier of your lifting equipment is just as important as the functionality of the equipment. You want to use the services of a forklift company such as Bidvest Forklifts, which has a proven record of accomplishment, an exceptionally large range, and top-quality products. The company’s official name is Bidvest Materials Handling (Pty) Ltd. The forklift company, a trading agent of Bidvest Commercial Products, has a history dating back to 2010, when it was established with the purpose of importing and distributing durable and reliable materials-handling equipment, parts, and services to South African clients. Bidvest Forklifts is wholly owned by the well-known Bidvest Group.

The Bidvest Group deals in various consumer and industrial products. The Group’s portfolio includes financial services, electrical products, office and print solutions, aviation services, and freight management. It is a JSE-listed company that has strong roots in South Africa. The Bidvest Group constantly expands their product offering. Forklift rental and sales as offered by Bidvest Forklifts form an important part of the Group’s portfolio. Bidvest Forklifts offers products and services such as the selling of new forklifts and other materials-handling equipment, the rental and lease thereof, and the sale of refurbished units. The company offers parts supply on all brands, battery supply and maintenance, short-term hire services, and service and maintenance on all forklift brands. In addition, it offers maintenance contracts to help clients keep their equipment in top condition.

Our Brand

We carry the UniCarriers brand, a brand known for the superb quality of its machinery and lifting equipment. The range of equipment is extensive and includes engine-driven and electric forklifts and warehouse equipment such as reach trucks, order pickers, pallet trucks, and pallet stackers.

Electric Forklifts

The smallest in the range are the 1,25-2-t electric forklifts in the TX Series. The units in this range boast superb performance, exceptional efficiency, and amazing operator comfort, in addition to essential safety features to ensure a safe work environment. The 3-wheeled units can work in small or restricted spaces such as narrow warehouse aisles. The largest units in the electric range of 1,5-3,5 t are available in the FB Series of 4-wheeled forklifts. These units feature compact designs, comfortable operator compartments, enhanced steering, and good safety and security features. These units are intended for heavier lifting.

Engine-Driven Forklifts

We offer everything from the 1,5-3,5-t 1F Series to the 2-3-t Smart Series of engine-driven forklifts. The 1F Series is very environmentally friendly and offers comfortable operator compartments. With a low total lifecycle cost per forklift, they should form part of your firm’s fleet of smaller, engine-driven forklifts. We also offer the bigger machines in the F Series with capacities ranging from 6-10 t in the 1F6 Series. The Smart Machine Series has capacities in the range of 2-3 t.  These trucks offer excellent reliability and energy efficiency.

Warehouse Lifting Equipment

If you are looking for a forklift company that can deliver superior-quality products to meet your warehouse-lifting requirements, then Bidvest Materials Handling is your answer. The UniCarriers brand of equipment is known for their safety features, energy efficiency, functionality, and low lifecycle cost. Whether you need pallet stackers or reach trucks, our range is sure to impress.

For the times when you need to add new equipment but do not want to avoid a large capital outlay, we recommend using our short-term truck hire or long-term lease options. Whether you are looking for new or refurbished materials-handling equipment, go with a reputable brand such as Bidvest Forklifts.


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