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Why Consider the UniCarriers BX Series Electrical Forklifts for Sale?

Why Consider the UniCarriers BX Series Electrical Forklifts for Sale?

If you are looking for quality and energy-efficient electrical forklifts for sale in South Africa, consider the BX Series from the UniCarriers brand. As a trusted supplier of UniCarriers warehouse and lifting equipment, Bidvest Forklifts ensures superior after-sales service. We briefly introduce the BX Series 1,5-3-t UniCarriers electrical forklifts for sale to give you an indication of the efficiency, safety, and functionality of the equipment available. The units for sale in this category are eco-friendly and very easy to operate. With superior performance lasting many hours, and remarkable power, these forklifts also boast swift travel speeds and various attributes that aid their efficiency. UniCarriers went all-out with the design and manufacture of these units to ensure optimal functionality.

Enhanced Performance

UniCarriers adapted the AC motor to increase travel speed, ensuring higher efficiency in the warehouse environment. Also, because of the advanced AC motor technology, the electrical forklifts for sale in the 1,5-3-t BX Series feature outstanding lifting power and superior speed, helping to ensure faster material handling and thus lower costs for the company. Restarting on an incline is not a problem with these electrical forklifts either. The regenerative performance provides for easy and smooth restarting, making materials handling even safer.

The units we offer for sale in this class also feature precise microprocessor control for the efficient and fast acceleration needed over longer distances, and for slowing down when nearing loading points. Manoeuvrability has become synonymous with the BX Series, with precision acceleration pedal control features. Operators appreciate the shock-absorption capabilities of the forklifts as well, providing for smooth operation needed when working with delicate loads.

Easy Operation

The vehicles come with self-diagnostic systems that help to reduce the downtime associated with breakdowns and maintenance. All the electrical forklifts for sale in the BX Series have been designed to facilitate fast and efficient material handling. The operator can keep close tabs on vehicle speed, battery charge, and performance with the LCD screen and monitor being large and easy to see. Unauthorised operation is eliminated through a PIN access system that allows for up to five PINs, according to the work environment requirements. Forward visibility is virtually unobstructed. This has been attained through the integration of a wide-view finger bar into the 3-stage mast carriage. Operator comfort is facilitated through the large foot space and operator seat support, in addition to a low floor height for easy entering and exiting of the operator compartment.

Eco-friendly Design

The eco-friendly design of the BX Series of electrical forklifts for sale includes features such as advanced regenerative technologies for optimal energy-reclaiming abilities. Each of the units has five regenerative functions, ensuring low energy use to enable longer work hours. Features include LED headlamps and LED rear operation lights for low energy consumption. Units are equipped with real-time displays of energy consumption during lifting and travelling applications. The forklifts in BX Series come with foot brake, lifting and lowering, accelerator-off, and switchback regeneration features. Operating hours are further extended with automatic power cut-off functionality where the power is cut when a unit has been left idle for 15 minutes.

Safety First

The foot park brake is situated on the floorboard, adding convenience and facilitating safe operation. Another safety feature is the smooth landing function that makes it possible to smoothly decelerate the forks before they reach the ground. The small and tilt-adjustable steering wheel helps to improve driving position and forward visibility for optimal safe operation. The electrical forklifts for sale in the 1,5-3-t class come with the UniCarriers Swaying Control System, facilitating improved more precise and safer turning and thus reducing the risk of forklift tilt-over during use. All the models in the range are fitted with the UniCarriers Mast Lock System for automatic locking of lifting and tilting operations when the operator seat is not occupied.

Each of the models has a seat-actuated warning buzzer that warns the driver when they leave the seat without engaging the parking brake. The risk of overcharging the battery is significantly reduced, because the operator can see what the remaining battery capacity is through the LCD monitor display.

If you are looking for safe, energy efficient, and reliable electrical forklifts for sale, look no further than the UniCarriers BX Series available from us.


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