May 29, 2018

Why Shop for Electric Forklifts for Sale?

Why Shop for Electric Forklifts for Sale?

 When shopping amongst all the electric forklifts currently for sale you might be wondering whether there are advantages to buying one of the electric forklifts for sale as available from Bidvest Forklifts, over LPG and fuel-powered forklifts. We provide both electric and diesel forklifts and both types have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on whether you will use the forklifts indoors or outdoors, the terrain where such machines must operate, availability of electricity to recharge batteries, and so on. Before we get to the advantages of buying one of the electric forklifts offered for sale, let us look at important considerations to help you decide which forklift is best for your particular application. Answer the questions below to help you decide on the right forklift for your operations:

  • Will you use the machine indoors or outdoors?
  • How many hours per day and days per week must the forklift operate?
  • Is fuel readily available?
  • Is electricity available for recharging the battery?
  • What is the maximum lifting capacity that you need?
  • What is the smallest turning radius that the machine must be capable of?
  • What is the height that the lifts must reach?
  • Is the forklift used in an environment where food or perishable goods are stored?
  • What is the acceptable noise level?
  • What is the acceptable emission level?
  • What are your requirements for forklift operator safety?
  • What is your longevity requirement for the forklift?
  • Do you have fuel storage facilities?
  • Which types of materials must be handled?

Keep in mind that, if the forklift is to be used indoors, it is best to buy one of the many electric forklifts now available for sale, as their noise levels are far lower, the units do not have emissions of hazardous gas or fumes, have small turning radii, and are environmentally friendly. For outdoor use where you require long distance travelling, exceptionally heavy lifting, operation on uneven terrain, and do not have electricity available for recharging, it is better to consider one of the diesel forklifts we offer for sale.

Distinct Advantages of Electrical Forklifts for The Warehouse Environment

The electric forklifts we offer for sale do, of course, not emit any exhaust gases. As such, you can safely use the machines in enclosed spaces and to stack food and beverages. The units have exceptional reach, can turn in small spaces, and come with several operator safety features. Many of the units are fitted with password/pin access panels, minimising the risk of unauthorised usage. The foot space in each of the units is ample, facilitating easy entrance and exit for optimal safety and reduced fatigue. Comfortable operator seats, combined with display panels that are easy to see and use, built-in diagnostics, and wide view angles are among the reasons you would want to consider the electric forklifts we offer for sale.

The units boast long operating hours, ensuring maximum productivity in the warehouse. They have various performance modes to ensure best operation in each situation and to help save energy. Various energy-saving features are built in, providing for longer operating hours. These battery-powered forklifts are environmentally friendly, helping your company meet international standards regarding environmentally friendly and sustainable operations. Add to the above features low maintenance costs and minimal downtime for maintenance, and you can see how buying one of the electric forklifts for sale from our product stable will provide a good return on your investment. We offer a wide range of electric forklifts and related warehouse lifting equipment. As such, we have machines to meet your lifting and stacking requirements.

An example of the quality you can expect from our range of quality electrical forklifts for sale is the UniCarriers BX Series. These units have 3+1 performance modes, enabling operation at the required performance level for the particular application. The units feature improved AC controllers with IP54 ratings and have dust- and water-resistant controllers. The machines in the BX Series are easy to steer and have multifunctional LCD monitors for energy, speed, and performance monitoring. These forklifts have foot parking brakes and tilt-adjustable steering to ensure optimal driver comfort. Each of the units has sway control, excellent forward visibility, and large foot space that is free of obstruction.

View our full range of electric forklifts for sale and call on us to help you choose the machines that meet your warehouse application requirements.


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