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Why UniCarriers’ Electric Forklifts Stand Out

Why UniCarriers’ Electric Forklifts Stand Out

The UniCarriers brand of electric forklifts that we offer for sale stands out for several reasons, some of which are briefly discussed below.

Energy Efficiency

Considering how many machines are used in the warehouse environment, it is extremely important to have electric forklifts with energy-efficient designs – and the electric forklifts for sale from the UniCarriers brand certainly do not disappoint. The BX Series 1,5 -2,5-tonne machines that we offer for sale have real-time energy-consumption indicators. This helps operators to plan their tasks to ensure they can complete their shifts without the batteries requiring recharging. The units have five regenerative functions, enabling their battery systems to recover some energy, providing for longer operating hours. The units also feature LED headlamps, adding to their energy-efficient profiles.

Optimal Safety

Every workplace injury is one too many. They also cost companies money and affect productivity and employee morale. It is thus essential to use safe equipment. The UniCarriers forklifts we offer for sale have superb safety features. PIN-code access minimises the risk of unauthorised operation. In addition, the units in the BX series come with suspended restraint seats, as well as mast-lock and sway-control systems.

Ease of Operation

Operator fatigue also leads to accidents. In addition, productivity is affected when operators make mistakes due to premature fatigue. To counter the risk, it is important to provide operators with a safe and comfortable work environment. The forklifts for sale in this series are easy to operate with features such as multifunctional LCD monitors, optional single-control levers, foot parking-brake systems, and small-diameter steering wheels with tilt adjustment. The operator compartments are spacious with ample and unobstructed foot space. The units have a 3-stage, full-free mast carriage, enabling maximum visibility for the operator.

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