November 22, 2018

Why You Want to Buy Our Heavy-Duty Forklifts

Why You Want to Buy Our Heavy-Duty Forklifts

Are you looking for heavy-duty forklifts for your yard operations? Do you want machines that can handle heavy loads, are workhorses, but are also safe to operate? Do you want heavy-duty forklifts that are superb performers? If so, look no further than the UniCarriers range of forklifts as available through us. We briefly introduce some the heavy-duty forklifts in the 1F6 Series (6-10-t) available to give you an indication of the quality, durability, and superb features you can expect when you buy equipment from us.

6-10-t 1F6 Series Engine-Driven Machines

The heavy-duty forklifts in this range boast superb performance, impressive operability, fuel-efficiency, and operator comfort. The units also boast excellent load-handling capacity and have many safety features.

Excellent Performance

Fitted with the standard 6,5-ℓ high-power engines, the machines are fuel-efficient, yet exceptionally powerful. Three performance modes are available to meet your operational requirements. The performance modes can be selected for climbing steep gradients, carrying heavy loads, or travelling longer distances. As such, the best fuel efficiency is possible while performance is optimised for the task at hand. Each unit offers the following modes:

  • D – normal;
  • 1 – gradient; and
  • DOPT – high speed.

Lift speed is another important consideration when you browse the heavy-duty forklifts we have for sale. The UniCarriers units do not disappoint and lead the pack when it comes to lifting speed. Indeed, a 500-mm/s loaded lifting speed is impressive by any standard.

Operator Comfort

The thoughtful design of the units provides for optimal driver comfort. With it being exceptionally important that the operator is comfortable to minimise the risk of premature fatigue and thus accidents associated with lack of concentration and fatigue, the comfort features should not be ignored. The units have a wide front view for maximum visibility of the mast and thus improved safety during operation. The low noise emission of the engine adds to operator comfort and supports safe operation. Each unit comes with a tilting steering wheel, which makes it possible for the operator to adjust the steering wheel according to their height and preferences. Changing the direction of travel is also a hassle-free task. Automatic transmission and electric directional control-lever technology facilitate easier steering without the need to shift gears. As such, early fatigue is countered through thoughtful design. You can also opt for single control-lever operation, enabling simultaneous lifting and tilting, which of course, helps to improve productivity.

Enhanced Safety

With improved international occupational health and safety standards now in place, it is extremely important to ensure safe operating environments. Fortunately, the heavy-duty forklifts in this series have various features to enhance safety, making it easier to comply with such safety standards. The mast design supports safer operations with special rollers and a rugged design. The parking-brake lever is light-touch and has an extra safety device to prevent the lever from being released without pushing the button on the end of the lever. This helps to prevent inadvertent release of the parking brake and movement of the machine. An instrument panel that is easy to see and use contains essential indicators to help the operator monitor performance.

Improved Maintenance Access

Any difficulty to get to engine components causes delays in repairs and maintenance. Various features support easier access for maintenance purposes. The engine compartment is covered with a hood that is easy to lift and close thanks to a gas damper. Servicing is made easier with removable floorboards. No special tools are required to lift the floorboards. The oil-filler cap features snap-fit hydraulic technology for easy opening and closing.

These are only a few features of the heavy-duty forklifts in the 1F6 Series. View the full brochure or our entire range of forklifts to find heavy-duty machinery to meet your operational requirements.


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